Consuelo Triviño Anzola (Bogotá, 1956) is a colombian writer who lives in Madrid since 1983. Doctor in Romance Philology from Complutense University, she has write in spanish literary magazines as Nueva Estafeta Literaria, Quimera and Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos, Babelia (El País journal) and ABCD las Artes y de las Letras of ABC Journal, in books review section. In this country she has teach in University of Cádiz and has published books and hundreds of articles on hispanic american authors. She works in Cervantes Institute since 1997. She has published, Seven Short stories/ Siete relatos, Forbidden go out to the Street/ Prohibido salir a la calle (novel), The Eye on the Needle / El ojo en la aguja (short stories ), José Martí, Love of Freedom/ José Martí, amor de libertad (biography), The Impossible House /La casa imposible (short stories), The Germ of Rage / La semilla de la ira (novel), Island in the Moon / Una isla en la luna (novel), Wanderings and Ravings / Extravíos y desvaríos (stories), Cervantes (biography) and Exiles/ Transterrados (novel). His short stories have been translated into English, French and German and was included in prominents anthologies and magazines. She has been invited to speak about her work at the universities of Bergamo, Colonia, Amiens, Sorbonne, Alicante, Granada, Salamanca, Autónoma de Madrid, Nacional de Colombia, Universidad del Norte (Colombia), Lausanne and Turin, among others. In recognition of his work, she has been included in Dictionnaire universel des femmes créatrices, of the prestigious french publishing house des femmes. Academic literary criticism highlights its deep prose, which places her among the most valuable voices of Latin American narrative.